Affordable Housing provision
(Expression of Interest process to determine the Housing Provider/s)

What format doe the EOI need to take?
It can be an email with attachments (if you wish to submit some information prior to the formal presentations).

How will the developer selection be undertaken?
Developer selection will be the responsibility of the landowner or their agents.

Can the Housing Provider be part of the selection panel when allocating the developers for the site?
The decision to allow the HP on any panel to choose the developer/s for the site will be decided by the landowner or their agent.

What is the current land ownership?
Landownership is currently in the hands of the current Landowner.

What is the intended role of the Housing and Communities Agency?
The HCA are part of the selection panel to identify the most suitable HP. They are on the panel as experts within their discipline and will provide rigour in the identification process.

Have you considered the viability versus ‘value added’ and would the viability affect the affordable housing as a priority?
The provision of affordable housing on the site is a priority for Fylde BC. The call for Expressions of Interest is to identify Registered Providers to be nominated to the developer as preferred partner to deliver the affordable housing in line with the objectives of the Healthy New Town.

What are the timeframes for delivery?
Delivery of the affordable housing is in line with the section 106 agreement.