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In March 2016, following a rigorous selection process, NHS England announced ten housing developments they would be working with to shape the health of communities, and to rethink how health and care services can be delivered.

The programme offers a golden opportunity to radically rethink how we live and takes an ambitious look at improving health through the built environment.

In the NHS Five Year Forward View a clear commitment was made to dramatically improve population health and integrate health and care services as new places are built and take shape.

The 92-hectare site includes the development of 1400 homes, a primary school, healthy community facilities, a health facility and employment land. It has been designated as a Healthy New Town by NHS England as a blueprint for communities of the future.

Detailed work will now begin into provision of cycle paths and walkways, neighbourhood centres, and educational provision. There is also the possibility of a school incorporated into a neighbourhood centre, sports pitches and local shops which all focus on a healthy lifestyle.

Work on the site is expected to start in 2017 with the view of reducing journeys to work, and giving the development a sustainable and independent community.

 Allan Oldfield, Chief Executive of Fylde Council; one of the parties in the King’s Fund bid said: ‘We’re very excited at the possibilities for a new type of community on the Fylde coast. Much of the detailed work now has to start with the commitment from the NHS to bring the best knowledge, research, advice and specialists to the Whyndyke pilot in a way that will benefit us all.’

Alban Cassidy, chartered town planner and environmental consultant at Cassidy + Ashton said: ‘As the only private organisation to be involved in the bid, it’s great to see for-profit and not-for-profit organisations working in unison to actively improve the standard of health in Blackpool.’

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